We Build Better Teams

Hire Full Time Accounting, Marketing and IT Professionals from the Philippines

We guide you through the entire outsourcing journey.

From your first full-time hire to building a small team, to starting your own company in the Philippines – Guided Outsourcing is for you.


Outsourcing to the Philippines is cost-effective, so you can scale faster and more profitably.


Our full-time team members are highly educated, hard-working, and dedicated to your company’s success.


We’re building the best place to work in the Philippines to attract and retain the best team members for you.


Building your outsourced team is a strategic investment, that pays off in the near term and long term.

Are you looking to hire full time accounting, marketing and IT professionals?

Our team will guide you through the process of recruiting, hiring, and developing these team members in the Philippines.

Our founders have been building their separate accounting, marketing, and IT firms utilizing outsourced resources for years. We’ve taken their collective best practices and built Guided Outsourcing to solve your staffing challenges three ways.

Hire a Team Member from Guided Outsourcing

This is the typical approach to outsourcing. We assess your needs, develop a custom job description, search candidates for you, guide you through the interview and hiring process, and then we hire your employee and you pay us.

  • No Up Front Fees
  • Flat Monthly Rate 

Build a Small Team with Guided Outsourcing

As you grow your outsourced team with Guided Outsourcing, we are able to pass along savings to you from the synergies of scale. After your team reaches a certain size, we can transition to more of a recruiting resource with less “guiding” needed. We still hire your employees, but you pay us less.

  • Lower Monthly Rates

  • Full Service Payroll and Benefits

Start Your Own Company in the Philippines

When your team gets large enough, it begins making sense to consider starting your own company and building the infrastructure to hire and pay your team directly. When you reach this point we consult you through the entire process, guiding you through the legal and operational requirements.

  • Hire Direct

  • Partner with Us

Ask Us Anything About Outsourcing

Schedule a 30 Minute Zoom Meeting with one of our Guides

No matter your experience with outsourcing, you probably still have some questions. Whether you’re wondering about the quality of team members you can find, the cost for hiring 1, 10 or 100, or just what to better understand the culture and commitment of the professional.

How To Get Started

We’ve made a very simple map for you to follow and begin working with Guided Outsourcing to build your better team.

Schedule a 30 Minute Zoom

Jump on a quick introductory call with one of our team members. Ask us anything. We’re an open book. We want you to know how best to hire 1 team member, how to build a small team, or how to start your own company. Just ask.

Statement of Search Work

After our call, we’ll build a statement of search work together if you want our help. That may include creating a job description and finding you candidates to interview remotely, scheduling a trip for you and your team to visit the Philippines for final interviews, or engaging us to begin setting you up with a legal entity to hire directly in the Philippines. 

Hire Your Team

Once you’ve found a candidate that fits your needs, we make the offer and hire the team member for you. We set your flat monthly fee to cover their salary, taxes, and benefits. We handle the administrative needs so you can simply begin working with your team member on day one. As your needs grow, we can continue to be your guide.

We Want to be Your Guide for Building Better Teams in the Philippines

Enterprise companies have been outsourcing to the Philippines for years, and now you can have the same opportunity with Guided Outsourcing.